Colour, fonts and imagery


Core colour palette

Our core colour palette underpins the University corporate style. These colours are instantly recognisable as the University of Leeds. The colours are used on materials such as signage, uniforms and livery. Using the core palette helps maintain consistency and cohesion in the presentation of the University.

Green Red Black Cream
Pantone 3435c 187c Black 9060c
CMYK 100/0/81/66 0/100/79/20 60/40/40/100 0/1/7/3
RGB 0/80/47 196/18/48 0/0/0 246/241/228
HEX #00502F #C41230 #000000 #F6F1E4

Using other colours

There are no compulsory colours in the University colour palette. However, the use of carefully considered palettes is one of the key factors in producing high-quality material. As a general rule, avoid using too many colours together. Materials appear more contemporary, stylish and professional when colour is used carefully and in line with good practice. Always balance the use of colour with white or clear space, as this also contributes to a high-quality and professional appearance.


If you are displaying text over colour, ensure your colour contrast is high enough to pass accessibility rules. Ask your designer to check the contrast of your colour scheme before finalising it, you can check it here.



For all professionally designed materials, Trade Gothic should be your primary typeface. Sabon may be used for accenting and highlighting but should be used sparingly.

Only on occasions where Trade Gothic and Sabon are unavailable, can Arial be used exclusively instead.

For any designs produced internally, where Trade Gothic isn’t available, Arial should be used.

There are templates available for some commonly produced desktop published materials, such as internal office items or temporary signs.



The right images also contribute to a strong visual identity. Our students and staff are at the heart of what the University does and our images need to convey that. It is important that we show the diversity of our community too.

The University image library stores our high-quality photographs, available for use across the University. The images fit with our house style and are the correct resolution (high enough quality) for print.

Read more about using and commissioning photography.