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Planning a detailed schedule for the day of the photoshoot is really important in helping you to get the photos you need. You'll need to book spaces and locations, and let your subjects know when they are needed, and for how long.

Less obvious things to include in the schedule

  • Set-up time – allow time for the photographer to set up, particularly if the shoot uses a lot of equipment. Your photographer will be able to tell you how long they expect it will takes them to set up.
  • Contingency time – once you have set a time for everyone to arrive, allow 15–30 minutes' flexibility for delays such as travel and traffic.
  • Breaks – schedule in regular breaks, particularly if your subjects are students. Plan these around cafes and break-out spaces around campus.
  • Lunch – if you are shooting all day, plan in time for a lunch break. Where possible, try to organise secure storage for the photographer to leave their equipment during the break – perhaps at your office or one of the locations you are shooting at.
  • Relocation time – if you are shooting in multiple locations, allow extra time if you need to relocate with equipment and props, and to set up again at the new location.
  • Alternatives – If you’re shooting outside, you might need to plan an alternative location or date in case there is bad weather

Once you have created a draft schedule, send this to your photographer to check they are comfortable with the plan for the day. Once the photographer confirms they are happy with the schedule, share it with everyone else involved, in advance of the shoot, so they all know what to expect.