Alison Hanakin


Ali works with the designers on a mix of student recruitment and corporate publications. She works closely with colleagues in Marketing to develop the University’s undergraduate student recruitment publications, including the prospectus. Ali also oversees the production of corporate publications such as the Annual Report and Accounts.

On a day to day basis, she is a managing editor for Coursefinder, offering guidance and support to marketing teams across campus.

Ali enjoys crafting engaging copy for prospective undergraduates to help them make informed decisions about their future. Producing student case studies is a real highlight for Ali, listening to inspiring stories from students about their experiences at Leeds, which help bring our printed and digital content to life. Ali also oversees the production of digital marketing content, including video case studies and other undergraduate video content.


Born and bred in Manchester, Ali has lived in Leeds for over 20 years and started her career in research before joining the University in 2005. Ali has over 10 years’ experience working in Communications, planning, managing and delivering a varied back catalogue of projects. Past examples have included a live webcast, a new corporate website and a showcase event for external design suppliers.