University of Leeds identity

How we present ourselves – a summary

We need to be clear about the way we present ourselves; how we communicate. We do this in three ways: the way we look, the way we sound and the way we behave.

Collectively these things have an influence on how people perceive us, so it’s important that our print and digital materials support our reputation for excellence.

As well as our visual identity, our verbal identity is a crucial part of who we are and how we connect with people, be it colleagues, undergraduates, postgraduates, suppliers or business partners. It comprises our tone of voice, our stories and our names. Our narrative has been written to help you develop university-wide messages for your targeted audience and this can be obtained from the media team.

The more consistent we are, the more likely it is that people will understand what makes us special. The way we express ourselves has to be consistent so that people admire, respect and, crucially, trust us. So we need a strong, single identity that we all understand and use. Being under this single identity we can represent ourselves under one logo. That’s why we don’t allow sub-logos to dilute the way we represent the University visually.

To help with this visual consistency we have some rules. Designers, internal and on our supplier framework, will be familiar with our visual identity, which includes our logo, colours and typography.

The communications team can give you help and advice with the detail of this, but if you just need an overview of how we present ourselves, here’s a summary:

Our logo

  • We keep our logo ranged right (at the top right or bottom right – near the right hand margin) and in proportion to other partner logos.
  • We have set sizing for our logos, if you are using standard A sized documents (A4, A3 etc).
  • We keep our logo on as plain a background as possible (but not in a box) so that it has sufficient contrast to make it identifiable.
  • We don’t have any sub logos – we are all part of the University of Leeds and need to project ourselves as one strong institution.
  • The University crest is only used for legal, statutory and ceremonial purposes.
  • For advice on branding contact the communications team and to request the logo contact Trademarks.

The identity band

  • A band device can be used across applications to hold them together visually and to provide a clear space within which the University logo will appear. This can be in the form of a coloured band or a key line over an image – a thin line across the page near the top.
  • The band is a secondary identification and branding element and helps with recognition and consistency, so it needs to be in the same place on each piece of collateral, print or digital, we have set sizes for the identity band, if you are using standard A sized documents (A4, A3 etc).
  • The logo is positioned on the right hand side of the band. The owner identification eg the name of the school, is positioned on the left hand side, in the same proportional size.

Our typefaces

  • In print, on all professionally-produced material, either Trade Gothic and/or Sabon should be used exclusively.
  • Sabon is used mainly for ceremonial purposes.
  • Where these typefaces are not available (on local internal documents, for example) the Arial typeface family should be used instead.

There is an alternative set of fonts for web applications

Our colours

A core palette, that includes the University’s existing green and red colours – along with black, white and a University beige – is recommended for corporate materials, and we offer a wide range of accompanying colour palettes that complement the core palette, should these be required.

Our photography

We’ve recently produced guidance on this so that we can maintain a consistent quality and style across all our stills photography, for a wide range of images that have been approved for use, please see the image library.

Our video

We are working on guidelines for this channel, with the aim to increase consistency in quality across the University. The video section holds more information which will be updated regularly.

Social media

We have experts to help you with organic and paid social media and guidelines are being written. The social media section holds more information which will be updated regularly.

For more information see the identity management guidelines or speak to us.