Approved web platforms

There are two platforms that are supported by the University and our approved suppliers – Jadu and WordPress.

Jadu (
This is an enterprise level content management system (CMS) that the corporate website, several faculty websites and core services run on.

WordPress (
This  CMS is used for cross-disciplinary research groups, smaller project sites or temporary websites.

For advice, and to discuss the most appropriate platform for your needs, contact IT web solutions.
Research groups within the faculties of Arts and Medicine and Health should contact their web teams where the faculty preference is for research sites to be within Jadu.

Faculty of Arts, email

Faculty of Medicine and Health, email

For more information about Jadu or WordPress contact Antony Wood, IT Web Solutions Solutions Team Group Leader ( or 0113 343 1145).

Web hosting

All web hosting for both platforms and domain name registrations is managed by IT – fill in web hosting request form.

Please note, no other platforms should be used – including bespoke CMS products, cloud-based services or apps – unless an exemption has been granted IT Services’ Enterprise Architecture team.