Website performance

We measure website performance through Google Analytics, a service which tracks and reports online traffic. Analytics provides website owners with useful data such as:

  • how users find your site (referrals)
  • how users navigate through your site
  • your number of page views
  • user location/demographics.

With this information you can assess the impact of particular pages within the University’s wider web presence. You can also review the usefulness of your content and respond to the needs and expectations of your users.

University of Leeds analytics

In order to gather analytics for a site, each website must have a Google Analytics ‘snippet’ included within its source code.

If your website has been built internally within our website development service, your site will be automatically set up with the University of Leeds Google Analytics code.

All site owners can access website analytics data as part of a wider dataset through the University’s All Data ViewFor access and guidance, please complete the access request form.

Accessing Google Analytics

In some instances, we can provide website owners with a specific Google Analytics view which allows you to:

  • interpret your site’s performance
  • create basic reports
  • identify content which requires improvement.

To obtain advanced access with guidance notes to your analytics, complete the access request form.

Training and support

Google’s range of online courses and LinkedIn Learning offer user training and support.

Any requests for support with reporting and gathering insight from data should be first discussed with your local marketing managers.

Any technical issues should first be submitted to IT via

External suppliers

If your website has been developed with an external supplier, you may have been offered an independent analytics service as part of your package. If you opt for an external analytics service:

  • your reports will be confined to the scope of that service
  • the University cannot provide additional analytics or support
  • governance of the data is untraceable.

All external suppliers providing an analytics service for a website at must sign a confidentiality agreement. Please contact the Digital Communications Team for more information.

Third party access

An external supplier’s website may use the University of Leeds Google Analytics snippet, upon request.

As this involves granting access to University data with an external agency, this must be negotiated with the Digital Communications Team.

If any agency or individual requests your analytics data, please contact the Digital Communications Team, who will assist in providing a secure online link to your ring-fenced data.