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Media relations

The Media Relations team manages the relationship with the media by:

  • pitching newsworthy stories on your behalf and helping you prepare for any interviews
  • dealing with incoming enquiries
  • responding to anything sensitive or potentially damaging in the media, and monitoring coverage.

We also work closely with our social media colleagues. Together we can advise on the best ways to use social media or what to do if you encounter problems.

The Media Relations team (which includes the press office) should be your first point of contact for local, national, international and trade media.

Contact us

Find the contacts for your area of expertise on the Media relations page.

General, urgent or out of hours enquiries

Email the Media Relations at or call the Media Relations team on +44 (0)7712 389448.

What to do if you’re contacted by the media about a sensitive issue

If you’re contacted by a journalist about a sensitive or controversial issue, what you say could have an impact on the reputation of the University.

If you’re contacted by the media about an issue you are concerned about: