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Find out which part of Communications and Engagement can best help you.

Creative – email Creative via about:

  • approved suppliers (on our communications supplier frameworks)
  • graphic design advice
  • University image library and photography advice
  • University logo and branding

Digital Communications – email Digital Communications via about:

  • content for the University website -
  • events on the University website or submitting a photo for an event
  • Medium
  • web analytics
  • style guide

Social Media - email Social Media via about:

Media Relations – email Media Relations via about: 

  • publicising your work (using a wide range of media, not just the press)
  • an approach by a journalist or other member of the media
  • requests to film, photograph or record audio on campus
  • media training

Phone 07712 389448 (monitored out of hours for urgent enquiries). Read more about working with Media Relations.

Faculty Research Communications

The Research Communications team and Faculty Communications Managers can help you to promote your research using the faculty research project directory, news stories and events on University faculty websites, and via podcasts, videos, long-reads and on social media.

Please email your Faculty Marketing team for all student recruitment-related requests.

Internal Communications – email Internal Communications via about:

  • news, videos and updates for colleagues
  • the For Staff website –
  • the weekly All Staff eNews email
  • the staff Twitter account
  • 'All staff' emails
  • events for staff
  • Inside Track features

Student Communications - email Student Communications via about:

  • Communicating to all students via email, the student newsletter, social media and on campus
  • Adding or editing your content on the For Students website
  • Engaging with students digitally or face to face
  • Working with student content creators
  • Big University evens like welcome, graduation, exams and holidays
  • Communications to the Student Education Service
  • Communications and networks linked to Curriculum Redefined
  • Communications and engagement linked to the Student Lifecycle Programme

Display screens – email plasma screen distribution via about:

  • publicity on display (plasma) screens on campus

Read campus display screen guidance.