Find out which part of Communications can best help you.

Media Relations – email Media Relations about: 

  • publicising your work (using a wide range of media, not just the press)
  • an approach by a journalist or other member of the media
  • media training

Phone 07712 389448 (monitored out of hours for urgent enquiries). Read more about working with Media Relations.

Communications Production – email Communications Production about:

  • approved suppliers (on our communications supplier frameworks)
  • graphic design advice
  • prospectuses and other student recruitment publications
  • University image library and photography advice
  • University logo and branding

Digital Communications – email Digital Communications about:

  • events or submitting a photo for an event
  • University social media channels
  • the University website –
  • the Students website –
  • the SES staff website –
  • YouTube uploads
  • web analytics
  • style guide

Internal Communications – email Internal Communications about:

  • news and updates for colleagues
  • the For Staff website –
  • the weekly All Staff eNews email
  • the staff Twitter account
  • ‘All staff’ emails
  • Leeds Conversations events
  • Inside Track features

Display screens – email plasma screen distribution about:

  • publicity on display (plasma) screens on campus

Read campus display screen guidance.