Our approach to building and supporting websites is changing at Leeds. All requests for new websites now go through IT Services in the first instance.

Requesting a new site or redevelopment of an existing site

Please complete the web hosting form
IT will then look at the best way to meet your needs and will follow up to understand more about the content and function of your website.

Support with web content

We want site owners to focus on content and analytics. Support and advice on web content is part of our new web toolkit.

Web writing training is provided through ODPL

See our  style guide and tone of voice guidelines.

If you need advice on web content and digital communications – including how to get the most from your website and social media, contact digital communications on 34100.

Why is our approach to web changing?

Users of our sites tell us that the variations in our sites make using them hard. We want to provide a better approach to the ongoing support and security needed for websites, this includes giving an easier and quicker approach to applying updates across our websites.

University sites will use our new web toolkit and follow our web rules and guidance.

What are the options?

IT will help you consider the options for new sites, these include:
• Major sites (faculties, schools and big services)  will go into the Jadu CMS in the University’s new web design (for examples see and
• Cross-faculty research groups and smaller, short-term sites, will go into a new mini-site service in WordPress which also uses our new approach to design (examples of live sites include and
• For partnerships with other organisations, or sites needing specialist functionality we can help you work with IT Services or one of our web suppliers to provide a custom site in the WordPress platform.

Contacting external suppliers

You must complete a web hosting form first and IT Services will confirm if they can provide a site or if you need to use our approved suppliers.

If you do need to use one of external suppliers, complete a web brief form and please email this to (this will automatically send the brief form to all the framework suppliers)

Please keep copies of all quotes for audit purposes.