Communications supplier frameworks

The Communications supplier frameworks are lists of approved providers, authorised to supply their services to the University. They have passed a rigorous selection process, which assesses quality, cost and the robustness of their business, in line with University purchasing policy. Find out more on the Purchasing website.

You must only commission work from these authorised suppliers. If you commission work from other, non-authorised suppliers they may not be paid and you will probably have to justify your actions.

Exceptions – very occasionally specialist work is needed, which our authorised suppliers cannot provide. If you believe this applies to you, before you commission the work please contact Communications Production to discuss.

Our different supplier frameworks

There are three supplier frameworks for communications work:

How our supplier frameworks help you

  • Protect you from misspend
  • Price ranges already agreed
  • Quality assurance
  • Suppliers already familiar with University communications standards and guidelines
  • A process to help you if you run into problems

How our supplier frameworks help the University

  • Competitive pricing and value for money
  • Coherence and consistency across our communications, maximising their impact
  • Ensure we meet legal procurement requirements