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Working with your supplier

All suppliers have attended an induction event and been briefed on our visual identity. Please show the initial and final designs to your faculty or institute marketing team or the Creative team to make sure your job meets this standard.

Don’t allow framework designers to credit themselves on any work they produce for you, and please don’t request ‘free’ creatives in exchange for crediting a supplier.

Give suppliers feedback during the course of your job, so they know how they’re doing and have chance to make any necessary improvements. Once your job is finished, we’d really like to know how thing went. This helps us give suppliers feedback and manage the supplier framework effectively.

Planning and the kick-off meeting

You've chosen a supplier. Now you'll start to agree more detailed plans. It's a good idea to be actively involved at the planning stage, to make sure everything is clear and agreed.

It is useful to have a kick-off meeting with your supplier (face-to-face or virtual), particularly if you haven't worked together before. You'll want to discuss the requirements in your brief, and the detail of:

Depending on what you're producing you may also want to discuss:

  • any new photography
  • size of the design
  • number of pages
  • number of copies


Early in the project, your supplier will work with you to agree a schedule, which goes from next steps right up to delivery. It's important you both agree from the outset what's expected.

Check the schedule carefully to make sure it's detailed enough and that timings are realistic. Make sure it includes time for feedback and changes - read making changes and sign off.