Digital advertising

For best display you should use the Pixel logo for these digital formats, which is available to download here.

Name Size Margin Logo
Skyscraper 120 x 600px 10px 100 x 28px
Wide skyscraper 160 x 600px 10px 138 x 40px
Small square 200 x 200px 6px 100 x 28px
Vertical rectangle 240 x 400px 10px 138 x 40px
Square 250 x 250px 10px 138 x 40px
Inline rectangle/MPU 300 x 250px 10px 138 x 40px
Mobile leaderboard 320 x 50px 6px 100 x 28px
Large mobile leaderboard 320 x 100px 6px 100 x 28px
Large rectangle 336 x 260px 10px 138 x 40px
Banner 468 x 60px 6px 100 x 28px
Leaderboard 728 x 90px 10px 138 x 40px



Clear space and margins

Maintain a margin around the logo equal to the margin of the banner size of either 6px or 10px.