Digital advertising

For best display you should use the Pixel logo for these digital formats, which is available to download here.

Name Size Margin Logo
Skyscraper 120 x 600px 10px 100 x 28px
Wide skyscraper 160 x 600px 10px 138 x 40px
Small square 200 x 200px 6px 100 x 28px
Vertical rectangle 240 x 400px 10px 138 x 40px
Square 250 x 250px 10px 138 x 40px
Inline rectangle/MPU 300 x 250px 10px 138 x 40px
Mobile leaderboard 320 x 50px 6px 100 x 28px
Large mobile leaderboard 320 x 100px 6px 100 x 28px
Large rectangle 336 x 260px 10px 138 x 40px
Banner 468 x 60px 6px 100 x 28px
Leaderboard 728 x 90px 10px 138 x 40px



Clear space and margins

Maintain a margin around the logo equal to the margin of the banner size of either 6px or 10px.



Our corporate website uses our core colours. If the adverts you are creating ‘click through’ to our corporate website, and you want to create a consistent visual journey for the user, we recommend including these colours in your design. Breakdown values are available here.



The Freight family of fonts is currently in use on the corporate website, so for consistency, it is recommended you use the same fonts in your digital advertising designs.

The two weights recommended for legibility and accessibility are Freight Sans Pro Book and Freight Sans Pro Semibold.



Text placed over imagery can be difficult to read. When the images don’t have enough contrast, masks should be used to increase readability and accessibility.

You can ensure your text and background colours have enough contrast and are fully accessible by checking them here.