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Briefing your photographer

Use the photography briefing template to brief your photographer. Remind them in the brief that they need to adhere to the University’s visual identity.

Things to keep in mind when writing your brief are:

  • Shoot in portrait and landscape formats – so the images meet different needs. Specify in your brief that we always shoot for print and web.
  • End use – consider all the ways your images might be used and make sure your photographer is briefed to shoot in appropriate formats.
  • Shots list – provide your photographer with a full list of the shots they need to cover.
  • Visual plan – a storyboard may be helpful to show your photographer exactly what you want to capture.
  • Variety – capture a mixture of images, with the subject looking to camera and in action.
  • Context – show the photographer where the image will be used (eg a similar publication).
  • Number of shots – agree in advance the number of shots you need as high-resolution, post-processed images. You may be charged for any extra images you request above this.