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If your photoshoot is part of a large project, or you are planning a series of photoshoots, you may benefit from the help of a stylist. A stylist can help with room dressing, as well as styling of your subjects and/or equipment.

Finding a stylist

You can ask your photographer for help in finding a stylist, as most photographers will have worked with stylists before, and will be able to recommend someone. You might need to create a separate brief for this – contact if you need help.

Whatever your photoshoot, we recommend you think about how you will 'dress' your location and subject(s) to best show them off.


Dressing the shoot may involve props, which you will need to source in advance. The stylist or the subject(s) may be able to supply them, or you may need to buy them. If buying them, make sure you have the necessary budget and follow the correct University procedures.

Props can help a shot look more authentic. You might want to ask your subject(s) to bring their own props, for example books and equipment they use on their course.

Make sure all necessary props for the shoot will be available on the day – especially any facilities and equipment that your subject(s) will use. The contact you have at your location(s) may be able to help with booking out equipment out for the shoot.

If your photoshoot is part of a series and you will need the props again, think about where you can safely store them.