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Photoshoot top tips

  • Recap on the brief – when you arrive, run through the brief again with the photographer to make sure there is no confusion.
  • Background details – when you are on location look out for items in the background which may spoil the shot – can they be moved? Think about how timeless you need your images to be – calendars and electronic equipment, like PCs and laptops, will date your shots.
  • Pay attention to people's appearance – for example, make sure they don’t have hair in their face or crumpled clothes.
  • Consent – remember that if you capture members of the public in the shot and they are identifiable they will also need to complete an image consent form. Take extra forms with you to cover unexpected needs. Read more about consent forms on getting permission.
  • Different formats – try to capture landscape and portrait formats, even if you don't think you will need them.
  • Diversity – show as much diversity as possible, especially when using groups of people.
  • Capture a sense of place – avoid general, unidentifiable locations, which don't help illustrate the subject's story or show off our campus.
  • Different angles and composition – experiment with different angles and move people around to achieve different balance in the shots.